Fernanda Aguiar is a Registered Dietitian, board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, and Wellness Coach. She is also a ACE certified personal trainer, Nike Spark Speed and Agility Coach, HKC Kettlebell Certified and Primal Move Coach. As a life-long athlete and ultimate love of sports, Fernanda has been involved in many athletic disciplines; She has completed Many Running races, from 5k to marathons, 140.6 Ironman(training again for my 3rd full IM in 2017)  70.3 ironman’s many Olympic and Sprint Triathlons, running races and cycling races. Fernanda realized just how important nutrition is for competitive athletes, as well as day to day nutrition for recreational athletes. Health is not only the food you eat but a general condition of the body and mind connected.



Fernanda is passionate about teaching Individuals on making healthy food choices for athletic performance as well creating healthy habits for life. She provides team education and individual consultations and covers topics which include, analyzing athletes' nutritional status, weight loss or weight gain, meal planning, healthy eating while traveling/eating out, etc...



There are many factors that are evaluated when I work with an athlete. First of all it's important to have a program that's realistic and that fits your lifestyle. Whether you're competing or training off-season, the length and intensity of the sport and unique health situations will also determine your nutritional requirements. The program is then customized to meet the needs of your body and the demands of your sport. Just as the finely tuned engine runs at its best with high-octane fuel, I teach the athlete how to maximize performance with nutrition, and help them understand how their body can perform and recover most effectively. No matter how well you train, your body is limited by certain key factors which can be optimized with a high performance nutrition program designed and customized specifically for your needs and goals”.


Fernanda Aguiar Nutritionist

Helping you live a simple, healthy life.

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